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Transponder Key Issues and How to Fix Them

A transponder key is a type of key you likely have but are unaware of. Transponder keys operate via internal mechanisms both within your car and key. They serve several purposes, but can also cause vehicle owners occasional problems. Find out if any of the following symptoms apply to you and perhaps you will discover that your transponder key may be to blame.

What is a Transponder Key?

First, before we dive into the potential problems that can arise with transponder keys, let’s review how a transponder key operates. The two mechanisms previously mentioned include both the inner chip within the transponder key itself, while the second is located within the vehicle’s computer. These two components must be properly programmed to recognize and match one another in order for one’s vehicle to turn on. This prevents similar, but different keys from being able to operate a given vehicle. One must have the proper car key, as well as a working transponder signal for the car to start.

Potential Problems

When there is something wrong with a transponder key, the most common symptom vehicle owners discover is that their car will not start. Sometimes, the vehicle will start, but then stall and eventually stop. Or, one final common symptom is that not even your car’s electrical panel will light up. These three common problems may signal other issues with your car, but it is possible that your transponder signal or key is causing the problem. There are several reasons why these issues might happen to vehicle owners and why their transponder keys may be to blame.

Chip Damage

Transponder keys, just like any other sets of keys, often are subjected to wear and tear. Key sets are tossed around in pockets or in purses and may, on occasion, be treated more severely. Chip damage inside of the transponder key is common with how often keys are used and handled. Even though you may not be able to physically see the chip damage within your key, a professional locksmith can open up your key to confirm if that is the source of the problem and either fix or replace the chip.

The Car’s Inner Signal is Damaged

If the chip within your car’s transponder key is not to blame, then it is possible that the signal within the car is not reading properly or has become damaged itself. This will be even more difficult to identify as the source of the problem. Without the help of a locksmith, it is not a good idea to try to find the corresponding transponder in your car to try and fix your key’s signal. This could lead to irreversible and unnecessary damage. Trained locksmiths will know how to reach the inner workings of your car and reset or repair the car’s transponder signal component if necessary.

Programming Problems

General programming and signal problems may also be common. This could mean that either component has stopped working for some reason, or both are working properly and not able to recognize each other. Any sort of programming repairs involving your transponder key should be left up to a professional locksmith. Without the proper knowledge or training on how to repair transponder keys and signals, you may damage your vehicle or key. Calling a locksmith is recommended since you do not want to turn a minor transponder signal issue into a full-blown vehicle repair.

Lost or Stolen Transponder Key

In the event that you have lost your transponder key, it will be necessary to have a new one programmed. If your car has been outfitted with a transponder device in the past, it will be necessary to have a new one made to match your vehicle. Dealerships may charge higher than necessary prices for replacement transponder key. Be advised that you may also have additional expenses, like calling a tow truck, should you decide to have a new key made by a dealership. A better option is to call a locksmith in your area. Not only can they travel to you, but they can replace your transponder key on-site as long as they have mobile locksmithing capabilities.

You will want to make sure you get your transponder key replaced as soon as you notice it is missing for an extended period of time or you are simply unable to find it after searching. The former transponder key will still work for your vehicle until a new one is programmed. This is why it is imperative that you receive assistance from a locksmith right away to get a replacement key made.

Getting Your Transponder Key Repaired

Calling a professional locksmith who has experience in automotive transponder key repair is the fastest way to get your transponder key fixed. Remember, transponder signals require expert knowledge to repair and properly program. You do not want to try and fix your transponder key yourself. A locksmith will not only offer you the most affordable deal for their services compared to a dealership, but they will also get to you fast. You may cause unnecessary damage trying to get your transponder key working again without professional assistance, so it is advised to call a locksmith as soon as you experience a problem. Most locksmiths offer roadside assistance for transponder key issues and other vehicle key problems. Get on with your life as soon as possible by working with a skilled automotive locksmith!

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