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What to Do In Different Lockout Situations?

Locksmiths are talented professionals that work on a lot of different problems that are associated with locks and locking devices. There is not much they have not seen as far as lock work goes if they have been doing the job long enough. One of the most common lock problems that locksmiths get asked by their customers to resolve is lockouts. Lockouts can be very frustrating for people because they are not all easy to resolve and cause those who experience them much inconvenience. In this article, I will discuss several different lockout situations and possible ways to resolve them.

Here are some different situations that cause lockouts and some advice on how to handle each one:

Lost, Misplaced or Stolen Keys

One of the biggest reasons that lockouts occur are people losing, misplacing or having their keys stolen from them. When this happens it may leave that person stranded where they don’t want to be or standing out in the rain or high heat at their home or place of work.

Many times this type of lockout situation can be resolved by carrying an extra set of keys on you. You may also be able to resolve it by calling a family member to bring you the proper key that you need to gain entry into what you are locked out of. A locksmith can help you out here too if you have no other options. Locksmiths have the ability to make replacement keys for you right at your home, business or where your car is parked.

Broken Electronic Keypads

Electronic locks are gaining in popularity because of the conveniences that they offer. That does not, however, mean that these types of locks are problem-free. They are prone to wear and tear and other types of failure just like all other kinds of locks are.

To be honest, the chances of you being able to resolve a lockout situation caused by the failure of a keypad to activate an electronic lock are remote. That’s unless you have some real special mechanical ability. So your best bet to resolve this type of lockout is to simply call a local locksmith services provider.

Keys Locked Inside Your Home or Car

Here is one lockout situation that most people can relate too. It also can be a little bit embarrassing when it happens. That’s when a lockout situation is caused by you locking your keys inside your home, workplace or car. Don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens because it happens at one time or another to just about every one of us.

When this type of lockout happens there are a few different ways to resolve it. One is to call someone who has spare keys to bring them to you. Another is you may be able to pick the lock using a credit card on a home lock or a Slim Jim on a car lock (police carry these in their patrol cars). If all else fails, once again a locksmith can pretty much help you out with any lockout situation that you face.

Forgotten Combinations and Key Codes

Many modern-day locks are controlled by codes and combinations instead of keys. This means that if you forget or misplace your lock combination or code you may find yourself in a lockout situation. This happens more often than one might think.

You usually have two options to resolve this type of lockout issue. One is to call another that has the code or combination. The other is to call a professional locksmith to come to help you out with your lockout situation.

Broken Keys or Keys That Have Become Stuck

Many people do not check their keys for signs of wear and tear before they put them into a door keyhole. This oftentimes will result in a lockout if those keys are bent, have missing teeth or other problems that cause them to get stuck in the lock. It may even be a case where they break off in a lock.

If this happens to you, then you can try to grab the exposed end of a key with needle-nose pliers to try and get it out. If you are successful at this and you have a spare key your lockout is now resolved. If you can’t remove the key without damaging the lock, then your next course of action should be to call a locksmith for help.

Corroded, Damaged or Worn Lock Parts

Many times lockouts are caused by locks that are not working properly because they are damaged in some way. Locks such as exterior door locks are used many times each day and they are exposed to the elements too. This oftentimes causes them to fail without warning.

There is a good possibility you will not be able to fix a broken lock situation yourself. Most people simply do not have the knowledge or parts on-hand to replace a defective lock. This is another lockout situation where calling a locksmith is the easiest way to get your lockout resolved.

Locksmiths Are Great At Resolving Lockout Situations

Without a doubt, your best bet is to call a locksmith if you have any type of lockout situation. They do this type of lock task so often that they tend to become very good at it. Often times a well-trained locksmith can get you back into your car, home or business in 30 minutes or less. Locksmiths even have the ability to make you a new set of keys if your lost keys are causing the lockout situation.

Another big advantage that locksmiths offer as far as lockouts are concerned is their availability. Most locksmith companies like Locksmith Riverview out of Riverview, Florida will have skilled locksmiths on standby 24-hours a day to help out any customers that have a lockout situation or any other lock need. These 24-hour emergency lockout services are available every day of the year including weekends and holidays.